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Yelp Review

“My Dentist was very kind and gentle and understands when someone is terrified of getting work done. I moved to the South Bay a few years ago and refused to give up this place. Palo Alto Dental Group offers Thursday night and Saturday cleanings. My hygienist is such a sweetheart and is very gentle and does a great job.”

Demandforce Review

“We have been using Palo Alto Dental Group for more than 35 years, and we couldn’t be more satisfied.”

Yelp Review

“I called, the receptionist was friendly and helpful, they squeezed me in for an appointment and once arriving, I realized how lucky I was because they were just so busy. My Dentist was fast, efficient, and more than anything understanding. I’m looking forward to going back if I ever need more work done.”

Demandforce Review

“The staff were great at accommodating me after I had forgotten to tell them that I had a recent back injury and could not climb stairs. They set me up in a downstairs room at the last minute. My intrepid hygienist had to work in a “wrong-handed” set-up, but she didn’t miss a beat..”

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